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'Friendly Science, Warm Technology ... Step into People!'

Generic technologies such as Information Technology (IT), BT (Bio Technology) and NT (Nano Technology) are emerging and spreading globally. At the same time, not only technology development but also social acceptance of technologies is required. In addition, infrastructure technology is a technology that can be applied to all activities, and it is changing the whole of human economic and social activities.

In terms of creative innovation that forms a new trajectory, not only the development of new technologies, but also the organization of markets, institutions, and lifestyles in which the technologies are used and utilized is also important. Therefore, various policy measures such as R & D projects, non-R & D projects (financial projects), personnel training, and institutional improvement are being implemented simultaneously in packages.

Unfortunately, in most cases, we have been pursuing a chase strategy, which means that we are not able to construct the humanities and technology simultaneously.

In order to solve these problems, we have been established to consider both humanities and science at the same time. In addition, we believe that systematic research on the interaction between 'science and humanities' is urgently needed to respond appropriately to future situations.

We hope that many researchers will contribute to building a harmonized science and humanities integration system and encourage the expansion of 'warm technology and friendly science'.

Thank you.